Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 Things to Ask Your Dentist Regarding Safety

World Wide Web | 5 Things to Ask Your Dentist Regarding Safety | Are you truly convinced that your dentist takes all precautions to ensure your safety when you undergo procedures there? The average person makes at least two visits to a dentist every year and this tends to involve a variety of procedures such as extractions and fillings or various cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, there are many different ways in which you are exposed to danger when you get your teeth treated.

Be sure to ask your dentist the following questions before you sit down for any procedures because these will help keep you safe:

1. Do the fillings and other restoration treatments use mercury? This metal was used very frequently by dentists before its dangers were properly understood. People with multiple fillings have been known to get mercury poisoning because it slowly enters the system via saliva. Your dentist ought to offer you safer alternatives that do not use this material.

2. Does the clinic use digital imaging technology instead of conventional x-ray imaging? The newer x-ray machines expose patients to a fraction of the amount of radiation generated by old fashioned machines. X-rays are known to have a direct link to cancer and you ought never to agree to get them done.

3. Does the clinic have the latest drills and other equipment that can be sterilized easily? The older drills were very hard to clean because their surfaces got damaged when exposed to high heat. The newer drills, on the other hand, are extremely easy to sterilize. This ensures that there is no chance of disease causing micro-organisms being spread through this equipment.

4. Does the clinic use lasers? Lasers are far safer than conventional equipment such as scalpels because they are able to make very clean incisions that do not result in a lot of bleeding. Not only will the procedures be done quickly this way but you will also recover quickly.

5. Are all standard safety procedures followed? Dentists who are very concerned about safety ensure that all surfaces are kept spotlessly clean. Simple things like plastic wrap ensure that surfaces remain untouched for as long as necessary.

Do not hesitate to talk to your dentist regarding the safety standards at his or her clinic. As a matter of fact, a really good dentist will be very happy to answer your questions because they understand the importance of safety. Be very particular about selecting a dentist who values safety.

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