Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cod Liver Oil for Health

Cod Liver Oil or cod liver oil is the oil derived from cod liver are rich in nutrients that are good for health . Now the market has a lot of health products sold in the form of oil and capsules .

Apasih benefits of fish oil ?
Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement that provides many health benefits .

Here is the article about the health benefits of cod liver oil .

1 . Vitamin A : helps maintain the immune system , fight bacteria and viral infections , and beneficial for healthy skin and eyes .

2 . Vitamin D : For growth and bone health in order to remain healthy and strong ( very good for children in the growth process ) .

3 . Omega 3 : It has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve the symptoms of arthritis , improve brain function , reduce stress , prevent allergies and relieve asthma .

4 . Eicosapentaenoic acid ( EPA ) : Very good for the circulatory system and helps reduce inflammation throughout the body . Also works as a natural anti-depressant .

5 . Docosahexaenoat acid ( DHA ) : fatty acids are good for eye health , nervous system and skin .

Research also suggests that consuming 1-2 teaspoons of cod liver oil every day can help prevent serious diseases such as cancer , diabetes , arthritis , muscle pain , kidney problems , and high cholesterol .
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Benefits of Kegel exercises for Men and Women

manfaat senam kegel

Kegel exercises are now beginning to demand , especially for women . Kegel exercises are functional exercises train the muscles of the hips , so it is very beneficial for women , especially for new mothers . Kegel exercises alone invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel an obstetrician in 1948 who initially created the Kegel exercises to help pregnant women who have problems controlling urination / urinary .

There are many benefits gained from Kegel exercises are not just for women , this exercise is also very beneficial for men . Here are the benefits of Kegel exercises .

  • Kegel exercises to train the muscles around the pelvis or the PC muscle ( pubococcygeal musle ) and vagina area for women .
  • Kegel useful for those who have problems can not control the discharge of urine / urination or urinary incontinence .
  • For pregnant women , this exercise to tighten the pelvic muscles are sagging after childbirth and making hip muscles become strong to prevent urine leakage during delivery .
  • Help at the time of delivery is much easier for the birth of a baby without tearing the birth canal
  • Make the muscles in the vagina becomes more robust and can be as way tighten vagina
  • Prevent a decline in a woman's uterus , women after childbirth and postmenopausal women are vulnerable to the decline in the womb of his position .
  • Kegel exercises for men useful to improve the ability to control and overcome premature ejaculation and erection can be made ​​longer.
  • Kegel exercises can help overcome prostate problems in men .
  • Kegel exercises can improve sexual function and response of both men and women
  • Benefits of Kegel exercises are the most sought can improve the quality of the husband-wife relationship and the more harmonious .

Kegel exercises are so many benefits that can be obtained , both women and men can do to create a more harmonious relationship .

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Women Beauty Care China

Asia , especially china woman known to have smooth skin and black hair . We rarely see Asian women wear makeup thick , just thin and minimalist makeup they look pretty natural . You may want to know , how they do beauty treatments .

The following beauty tips style women china .

1 . tea
China is one of the countries with the highest level of tea consumption in the world . green tea and white tea is a drink that often they consume . In addition to maintaining a powerful immune system , tea is also a powerful ward off free radicals that can reduce the beauty of the skin .

2 . seaweed
Seaweed is a food rich in fiber , contain lots of vitamin A and C , chlorophyll and antioxidants . Natural fiber help the digestive process and absorb the excess salt in the body . Natural fibers also make us full longer , so it's good for the diet . Vitamins and chlorophyll to rejuvenate the skin , maintaining kalogen level and makes the skin firm and supple . Seaweed is also rich in proteins that prevent premature aging of the body .

3 . natural mask
From ancient china people prefer to use natural products for healing and beauty treatments . To mask they prefer to use natural ingredients such as papaya , yogurt and natural sea salt . Natural ingredients make the skin smooth and soft .

4 . Camelia oil / Camellia Oil
The majority of Chinese women have thinning hair . It requires special hair care , but they pick the powerful secret to keeping The beautiful hair. Camellia oil is the secret of their nature . The oil serves as a natural moisturizer and hair retain their softness .

It was a woman's beauty secrets china , and they have proved with their natural beauty . Want to try to follow their natural kecantikana secret ?
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Efficacy of Aloe Vera for Health

Aloe vera is a plant that is rich in health benefits , judging from the shape and the scary name , who would have thought to have many benefits in health care . The following are some health benefits of aloe vera for us :

1 . Aloe vera for burn treatment and external injuries .
Aloe vera has properties that can help heal and cool cuts, burns and wounds caused by the sun . split / break the stem and rub aloe vera skin gets injured . If you do not have an aloe plant , you can use aloe vera gel that has been widely sold drug stores / pharmacies .

2.Lidah crocodile for laxative / mempelancar digestion .
the layer containing aloe leaf Aloin that can be used as a laxative , but it is advised not to use aloe vera for weight loss due to an excessive use of unsafe and can cause diarrhea , cramps , loss of potassium and electrolyte imbalance . Aloe vera contains fatty acids that are useful anti - inflammatory helps maintain balance to prevent acidity in alkaline digestion as the stomach and intestines .

Crocodile 3.Lidah for arthritis ( arthritis / rheumatism / arthritis )
Anti - inflammatory aloe vera helps reduce pain and inflammation of arthritis . Apply a mixture of aloe vera and eucalyptus oil to the affected area and massage . Aloe vera helps absorption of eucalyptus oil and allow to stimulate the blood and reduce pain in the knees , elbows , fingers , and other joints .

That's some of the benefits of aloe vera for health and many more benefits we can get from the plant aloe vera is another named . began to use plants that can also as an ornamental plant our yard . in addition benefit as ornamental plants is also beneficial to health .
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