Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Food Calorie Counting Does Not Work

World Wide WebWhy Food Calorie Counting Does Not Work | Many modern diets are based on food calorie counting plans that require people to track the number of calories they are consuming at each meal. While a number of individuals have managed to experience relative success with some of these programs, the benefits are often only short-term. Natural eating habits and real living are not conducive to this sort of behavior. In order to experience lasting weight loss, people simply need to learn the basics of moderation and self-control when it comes to determining food portions.

It is first important to note that there will not always be a dietary guidebook to adhere to. Normal responsibilities sometimes make it necessary for people to select and consume their foods on the run. While this is certainly not the best way to nourish the body on a regular basis, those with full-time careers, large and demanding families or student responsibilities, must often adopt these eating habits on a temporary basis.

In these instances, the ability to calculate the calories that are consumed can be quite defeating. In fact, many people feel as though they have blown their diets after just a single meal. In reality, however, the body does not necessarily regulate weight gain based upon calories, but upon the nutrients that it is receiving and the energy that is used. For instance, a low-calorie snack cake will supply the body with little fuel for necessary actions. A higher calorie meal that is nutrient dense, however, can make the dieter feel fuller longer and will also supply a more lasting sense of satisfaction.

When people prepare and eat foods according to the needs of the body, they often have a much easier time of adhering to their diets. They tend to feel less driven to cheat and can remain committed to their efforts because they actually enjoy them. Rather than eating by the numbers it is far better instead to consume a fresh, healthy selection of colorful and nutrient-rich foods.

Lots of crunchy apples carry loads of calories if enough are consumed, however, the dieter is liable to gain little weight, even when snacking on pounds and pounds of these fruits. They have lots of water and fiber which aid the digestive processes. Conversely, a number of low-calorie snack cakes can have a very adverse effect on the body and could result in addition weight gain.

Understanding this it is easy to see why food calorie counting is often a waste of time. Dieters must invest more effort instead, into moderating their portions and ensuring that they are getting the best nutritional value from the selections that they are eating. This will allow them to drop more weight faster and to actually keep it off this time around.

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