Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Best Age to Get Pregnant

World Wide Web | Best Age to Get Pregnant | Pregnant is the process by which a fetus of pregnant women for about nine months in her womb until the fetus is ready to be born. In utero during the process of containing the fetus grows and develops into a perfect human being. Pregnancy is the nature of a woman. Women who will give birth to offspring, offspring who will carry on our family continuity. Therefore be important to determine the best time to get pregnant, so that will be produced healthy offspring and the mother who gave birth to a healthy well and do not experience the health risks that are too heavy.

Teens sometimes lapsed negative behavior that premarital sex, often occurs as a result of Unwanted Pregnancy or pregnancy outside of marriage. This is certainly a serious problem, which the teens because a young age to not have a family preparedness in terms of both income economy in which teenagers yet, still depends on the parents and have not been able to support his family. Then in terms of mental, teenagers are not yet psychologically ready to be a parent for a child where they are unstable and do not have a sense of responsibility. As a result of criminal abortion often very dangerous for girls who do such can cause bleeding, infection until death if not medically done abortions.

Pregnancy at an early age can also cause risks during pregnancy and childbirth, for example, the fetus experienced less than optimal growth, nutrient deficiencies often occur during labor and obstructed labor, bleeding and other complications of delivery.

Therefore be important to determine a good time to get pregnant. Physically and emotionally ready for most pregnant women are in the age range of 20 years to 35 years, both in the age range 25 years to 30 years. At this time the reproductive organs has developed optimally and are ready to get pregnant and give birth. Besides psychologically mature women and mature mentally. At this age range complications of pregnancy and childbirth are also more minimal. Meanwhile, if the pregnancy was at the age of 35 years is also very risky severe complications occur.

It is important for teenagers to avoid premarital sex sometimes result in unwanted pregnancies and early marriage in addition also to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Marriage at an early age because of an unwanted pregnancy is not supported adolescent readiness economically, socially and psychologically to act as parents for their children, consequently resulting offspring are less well qualified. Planning the perfect time to get pregnant is of course preceded by a wedding planned by the readiness of the various aspects are very important to produce quality offspring. While the time is right for pregnant women are at the age of 20-35 years, of course, must be preceded by a valid marriage with a man.

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