Thursday, June 13, 2013

Can be in Disguise Tired Eyes

World Wide Web | Can be in Disguise Tired Eyes | Tired and puffy eyes can reduce the appearance of our beauty. This can be due to lack of sleep, lack of sleep hindered want to pay for activities that dense. Eye fatigue can reduce the beauty that can reduce your confidence.

The following article beauty to eliminate eye fatigue without interrupting your activity.

1. Apply baby oil in the bottom of the eye. This will help make your skin more moist, so avoid dryness and premature wrinkles. In addition, also apply every night before bed, until around the bone of the eye. The next day, your skin will look more fresh and supple.

2. Ice pack. Wrap ice cubes with a rather thick tissue, then wipe the eye area that looks tired and swollen. Alternatively, you can also dip cotton round into cold water, then apply on the eyelids while.

3. Use products with a lightweight formula. When you are dealing with the eye area, you should not use products that are too "heavy" or creamy. Especially if you have sensitive skin that is prone. Better to choose products moisturizer for the eye area that are lighter and store in the refrigerator. Apply in the morning and enjoy a refreshing cold sensation!

4. Give a light massage. The emergence of "panda eyes" aka dark circles around the eyes, can be caused by lack of blood circulation or accumulated fluid in this area. Therefore, you can drummed your ring finger around the eyes to relieve tension and reduce swelling. Start from the tip of the nose, moving to the temple, then around the eyes. Repeat a few times.

It's good that follow also with adequate rest, than good for your health also beauty.

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