Monday, June 24, 2013

Laser Therapy for Beauty

World Wide Web | Lasers have long been used in various fields including medicine and beauty in the world. Undoubtedly, laser technology into the most effective ways to disguise the signs of aging to enhance beauty.

In addition to eliminating pigmentation in the skin, laser therapy can also be used for facial skin tightening, hair removal, skin tightening, slimming, acne, beheading nose, or eyes widening. However, according to Kusmasrinah Bramono, dermatologist from Jakarta Skin Center, a laser therapy to reduce wrinkles at the most preferred women.

For example, in RSCM Jakarta, the number of visits a plastic surgeon at the hospital is for aesthetic treatments. "We have more and more people are worried about aging. Mostly choose laser therapy for rejuvenation or improve skin elasticity," said Rin, Kusmarinah close calls.

Most consumers choose laser therapy for reasons more quickly get the desired results, as well as without any side effects. According to Rin, when compared with topical medications (topical cream) or dermabrasion and peels, laser therapy is more effective skin tightening.

Even so, there remains a post-action rules that need to be adhered to by the patient in order to maximize the results of the laser. "There is a type of laser therapy that requires a recovery time of three months," said Rin. During the recovery process, patients are not allowed to be in the sun to skin infections.

As described by doctors Rin, the workings of a laser beam is to create a wound or inflammation in the skin due to the heat from the laser beam. "Inflammation is necessary to stimulate acid secretion aminopeptide that will give a signal to the cell to regenerate," he said. So the skin to produce more collagen so skin looks firmer.

By type, there are several types of laser therapy, the ablative and non-ablative laser. Ablative laser technique is a type of laser that causes injury outside or act like exfoliation. This laser uses a wavelength of 532 nm, and 1064 nm. Ablative technique is done only once a month. "Ablative Laser takes three months for recovery but the results are better and cost less," said the doctor who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine's UI.

Unfortunately the long recovery time and the effects of redness on the face makes ablative lasers are less favored. Patients prefer a non-ablative laser that utilizes heat to stimulate collagen growth. "The wound is in effect but still there is a little redness. Result is not as good as the ablative," Rin said. Technique is performed for 30 minutes this should be done at least five times a month.

Rapid technological developments now allow patients to get Fraxel laser therapy that combines ablative and non-ablative techniques. "In this way the cuts are made small so that healing faster but the results are as good as laser ablative," Rin said.

All ages
Although laser therapy done by adult women, but according to Rin children were eligible for this therapy. "Can to remove birthmarks that interfere with performance," he said. However, Rin reminded that therapy laser light cause a burning sensation on the skin so it will be sore.

Although anybody can perform laser action, but there are some things that need to be known by the patient. Among others find complete information before taking action, knowing the treatment options and post-treatment measures, and patient readiness itself.

In addition, equally important is knowing the costs to get the results as desired. According to Rin, for each time the laser action, the patient has to spend two million dollars. In fact, to get the most possible not only performed in one action.

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