Monday, June 24, 2013

Slim With Dress Style

World Wide Web | Beauty is the dream of all women. Many women are trying to look beautiful and attractive, one of them with a slimmer look with fashion style.

This beauty article contains some tips to make it look more slender. These tips include wearing pants that fit, color, materials, accessories and shoes.

One big mistake when she bought something that looks pretty and interesting when applied to others. although it looks beautiful and attractive to others, means it will not look the same when you are wearing it.
Women have body shapes and different sizes. It would be a waste of money that should be spent on items that you are more useful. When shopping, it is worth asking other people's opinions when you want to buy clothes.

Here are some beauty tips in order to look slimmer appearance.

1. Pants
high pants hip section to make someone look thinner in the front, but will look great at the bottom. Wear pants that can be worn below the hips, or try the model of boot cut pants. The underwear model helps to balance the hips and can make a long vertical line.

2. Color
Avoid wearing dark colors can make you look small. choose a color that is not too prominent and conspicuous. Dark colors can be used for lower body to make it look higher.

3. Material
Thick and textured materials must be avoided in some parts of the body. Because the material looks like a curtain and does not stick.

4. Accessories
Additional wonderful accessories can enhance the appearance and can avoid other people are too focused on any body shape anda.Aksesoris will look good, but that need to be considered, not too much wear accessories because it can ruin the appearance.

5. Shoe
both types of shoes have soles that are thin, the right medium to high heels and showing fingers foot. Shoes that show leg more will be more attractive to others. avoid using the model of chunky shoes (thick soles) because it will look heavy.

Clothing can make a difference in one's appearance to be more slender. Pants, colors, materials, accessories, shoes are some ways that can help you look slimmer.

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