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How Women Can Use Tomato Diets To Lose Weight (Health care)

World Wide Web | How Women Can Use Tomato Diets To Lose Weight | Tomatoes are very healthy food items that improve the general well being of men and especially women. They can be either eaten cooked or raw.Moreover, recent scientific research have revealed that tomatoes suppress the appetite of women that eat them; women that eat tomatoes feel easily satisfied and if they are overweight, they are able to cut down on their consumption of calorie rich foods more easily.

This appetite suppressing ability of tomatoes in women is suspected to be due to the presence of the lycopene chemical which is the pigment that actually gives tomatoes their red colour.

Furthermore, this lycopene chemical also has other beneficial health properties which include:

(a) It has anti-cancer properties,
(b) It helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood
(c) It helps to improve male fertility

Also, scientific research has also revealed that there is significant decrease in hunger rating of people fed with tomato enriched bread over a 4 hour post eating period when compared to the hunger rating of people that were fed with ordinary bread over the same 4 hours post eating period.

If you are an obese or overweight woman, you can eat different tomato diets to reduce your calorie consumption and thus shed excess body weight. Tomato diets are very simple to make; eat tomatoes with most of your meals and try to eat tomato based snacks.

Do not be afraid of eating tomatoes either in the raw or cooked forms as cooking and heating does not destroy the important nutrients in these natural foods.

Here are different tomato based diets and snacks that you can add to your weight loss diet:

Breakfast recipes

- You can eat whole meat toast with grilled tomatoes and scrambled eggs.
- Smoked haddock with tomatoes is another great breakfast recipe
Lunch recipes
- You can make delicious tomato soups for lunch; this is a very simple way of boosting your daily tomato intake and reducing hunger.
- You can have cooked pasta dishes mixed with extra tomato sauce for lunch.
- You can make use of chopped tomatoes, green pepper, onion and herbs, salt and pepper to prepare a salsa style tomato sauce which you can eat along with your main meals.
- You can have tomatoes stuffed with cous cous for lunch
- Another great option for lunch is hearth shepherd's pie with lots of tomatoes.
- You can also eat sandwich with tomato rich fillings.
- You can also make tomato salads for lunch

Snack recipes

If you like snacking, you can make use of the following snacks to lose weight and stay healthy:

i- You can drink tomato juice as your snack drink
ii- You can eat toast with tomatoes and cheese
iii- You can eat mackerel fish in tomato sauce
iv- You can eat chillies with sun dried tomatoes

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