Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brighten Skin with Mayonnaise Mask

World Wide Web | Who does not crave a beautiful facial skin bright, smooth and wrinkle free. To get it you often have to spend quite a lot of money. Try to save with mayonnaise of your refrigerator.

For those who want to save money, there are beauty tips that can make you healthy and beautiful skin. The materials are available in your refrigerator. This is it!

Materials that you need to prepare is mayonnaise, honey and lemon juice. How to make it easier.

1. Place two tablespoons of mayonnaise in a small bowl. If you are including dry skin, then mayonnaise is the best skin care that is in your refrigerator. Mayonaise mask will help exfoliate dead skin cells so the skin will look healthy glow.

2. Add 1/2 tablespoon of pure honey into the mayonnaise. Honey has been believed for centuries as a beauty and health care products. Honey contains antibacterial danmelembabkan gently cleanse the skin.

3. Squeeze the lemon approximately 1 tablespoon and stir together mayonnaise and honey. Lemon is the perfect mixture on your mask because of its natural acid content helps eliminate acne without making the skin dry. Lemon is also believed to be the content of perfect care for combination skin (dry as well as oily), because it can reduce the size of the pores on your skin.

Once the mayonnaise, honey and lemon mixed with flat, sapukanlah on your skin. Leave for about 20-35 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

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