Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keep the Health Benefits of Apples

World Wide Web | Apple is a fruit that contains many health benefits for the body, even on apple skin itself. Apple skins contain quercetin - a substance that is needed to increase the levels of antioxidants in order to prevent various diseases, so sangant good for maintaining health.

Findings by scientists from Cornell University states that only an apple, a fruit that has quercetin. It just means Apple is able to provide the antioxidant equivalent of 1500 mg of vitamin C from fresh apple extracts of medium sized apples.

research also shows, the apples are eaten every day can reduce cholesterol by 10%. Fitokimianya substances protect against free radicals and reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). And, high fiber, certainly able to withstand the coming hungry.

Meanwhile Dr. Barry Sears in his book The Top 100 Zone Foods stated apples are incredible pieces that can control blood sugar. "Apples are a source of soluble fiber well, especially pectin which helps insulin levels, slow the spending of sugar into the bloodstream. Pectin also mampui reduce cholesterol levels by reducing insulin secretion, "he explained.

All the results were, in fact has been proven since the days of mythology. At that time, the apple has been associated with the healing god Apollo. According to the physician Hippocrates and Galen, apple eating habits are very beneficial for digestion. That's because apple has been eaten began to mushroom, and the effect is very good for digestion.

Therefore many benefits we can get from apples to maintain the health of our bodies, as well as it tastes good and refreshing.

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